We Are Juggernaut.


Life is like Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans – you never quite know what you’re going to get. Unlike Bertie Bott’s fictional sweets, life isn’t something you can choose not to buy.

This isn’t a motivational post. I’m not here to tell you things will get better. There’s a good chance they’ll get worse even if you try your damnedest to improve them. I’m only here to compare myself, and by extension, you, to a Marvel villain.

In the Marvel Universe, Cain Marko (The Juggernaut) is Professor Charles Xavier’s step brother. He gains a mystical power that enables him to take his deep lying frustrations out on the good professor and his X-Men. That’s not important to my tale. What is important is one aspect of his power. Once he starts moving, he cannot be physically stopped. Of course, comics being what they are, the good guys always win, so he has been stopped plenty of times, but mostly through non-physical means. In fact the only character who’s been able to stop Marko through brute strength alone is the one they call The Strongest There Is, the Hulk.

I digress. I’m a nerd, and these things excite me. So. Once the Juggernaut starts moving he can’t be stopped. That, I think, is what I was getting at.

Life is like a lava dance floor with cool stones that appear at random spots and intervals. To stay alive, you have to keep moving – looking out for the stepping stones and not staying on any spot for too long. Sometimes you’ll have to step backward, sometimes you’ll be able to leap forward. Sometimes you’ll misstep and get burned. But it’s vital to keep moving.

It’s easy to get comfortable and stay put, or play it safe. But sometimes the stone you’re on will drop suddenly, or heat up gradually till it melts away. Then you have to move. Better to keep moving, to keep watching for the next stone, than to wait for that to happen.

So. I’ve spoken about two things that only hint at an overlap. So I should round this up. Since you need to keep moving anyway, why not move like the Juggernaut? Let no one and nothing stop your motion. Focus on the touchdown and don’t stop until you get there. And once you do get there, go again. Because the touchdown isn’t the end of the game, it’s just another point.

To be honest, I wrote all this nonsense so I could get to finish with this. When life puts bullshit in your way, look that muthafucker dead in the eye and say:

“Don’t you know who I am? I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!”


What do you think?

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